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Ivan Portyankin works as a consultant and helps companies of any size to solve problems of any scale with their Java Swing/Java Enterprise applications. I can start with the initial design and architecture of your Java Swing application, solve common Swing performance issues, introduce techniques of fast prototyping and unit testing to work with widely floating requirements. Special tools and techniques could be used to accelerate performance of large data tables, lists and windows with large number of components. Custom UI components could be developed on demand. Various business domains are well experienced, including software security and finance.
For all inquiries and questions please contact Ivan Portyankin directly.

Outsourcing Team

There are a few highly skilled professionals in Russia working offshore with Ivan Portyankin and able to solve problems of any scale and complexity involving complicated and heavily loaded Java Swing user interfaces, enterprise technologies such as database development and ORM, most applications servers, network programming, distributed computations systems and much more. All of the team members have Masters in Computer Science or Mathematics related field or PhD, master various software development processes and languages.

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